Basics of Determining Rates in the Domain of Content Writing

Content Writing

In the domain of web site marketing and internet sales, content is still regarded as the king. Good content would help to bring more visitors to your sites. Apart from bringing more visitors they also play a very significant role in ensuring that those visitors turn into customers at your site or become regular subscribers to your feed.

It is obvious that a job which promises so much to a website would definitely need a lot of research and in-depth analysis. The hard work definitely calls for a fair amount of compensation. There is no hard and fast rule guiding the rates of content writing. Freelancers or regular professionals charge clients depending on the requirement and their level of experience.  If you are looking for a content writer for your websites, the following points can help you to decide the rate

Types Of rates

Writers charge content writing fees based on the following parameters

  • By the project (flat rate)
  • By the hour
  • By the word
  • By the page
  • Retainer fee

In case of a blogs, trade magazines or consumer magazines, the rate is usually on a per word basis. In case of more complex technical writing the charge is based on a per hour basis. It is however important to keep in mind that long term clients prefer paying on a per word basis, instead of a per hour basis.

Types of writing

Rates for freelancers vary, depending upon the type of writing which you are asked to do.  On the lower end of the spectrum there is online writing, web content, blogging, SEO writing and other different forms of content mill work. This work requires little research and is not at all time consuming. On the middle spectrum is work related to newspapers writing and work related to copy editing and social media campaigns.  Technical writing projects, scientific writing projects and projects related to PR, usually has very high asking rates from content writers.

If your need for content writing  is related to web pages, it is important to know that the charges for writing core pages, i.e. pages containing the landing pages and ‘about us’ pages  are quite high. You should put a lot of emphasis on these two pages, as most visitors check these two pages on a website first.  Blog posts for websites costs significantly less and the rates vary depending upon the word count.  If you are running short on budget, it is important that you pay attention to the sales page. This single page has the potential of converting your investment into money. In the domain of content writing, a sales page is not easy to write. It takes a lot of effective writing skills and effective research to get the job done.

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