Know About the Untold Content Writing Rules

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Writing, be it for whatever reason is not less than an art. It is just like a bridge between thoughts and words, where a writer aims to portray all that he can in one go!

Over years there has been a lot of emphasis upon writing with a difference and writing for the genres that come naturally to a person, rather than intimidating others style. This is definitely a golden rule that every beginner must take into consideration before starting their journey of content writing. 

However, there are several other things that have to be looked after to make sure your days of efforts upon building a top-notch content piece does not go waste. These facts are aimed at making sure a writer gains maximum audience attraction fast, they include:

Consistent Posting Habit

This is very true that writing useful content is much better than writing in bulk. But a blogger must understand that consistent or regular posting is equally necessary to keep the audience or followers engaged. If someone likes one of your posts, he will surely be hungry for the next one. And too much irregularity or delay can make him deviate or even forgot the quality of your content. 

Customize Fixes

It could happen that the readers came looking for something but could not find it there and are sent back with an error page. This often happens when the page is no longer available or if the URL is broken.

What you can do is instead of making them return with dismay, a blogger can make them indulge in something else or just make smile with funny customized error pages having hilarious cartoons or messages. It can also display various options like, check out other posts, search for some specific topic and connect to as something they have been looking for!

About You Section

This page on a blog consists of personal information about the writer, his story, his life and lot more. You can basically write every that fact about yourself that you think makes difference in you and can last an impression upon others.

Once a reader likes your posts, he is sure to feel something related and will want to know about you. This will make him hop onto the about you section. So, this is also an important part of a blog where you can make the readers connected to you and encourage getting in touch too!

Build Association

This is a cool way of making a constant contact with readers. A blogger should always try to make the reader subscribe for their upcoming posts and updates. This is generally a free facility that will allow the writer to reach the reader with updates on his actions. Also, try to make it more fun oriented by adding words like join the revolution, board the ride and tune in for more. This will not look cheeky and at the same time will forward the message to subscribe.

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