Five Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

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We have come a long way since the monstrous size of a desktop, which occupied a significant corner in our rooms back in the 90’s. The desktop has given way more modern Laptops and soon Laptops shall be replaced with tabs or other types of handheld devices. In such a scenario being dynamic with responsive web design seems to be the only option left for a responsive web designing company to reach their target audience.

Using Separate Website for Different Device

Creating multiple websites versions for your website is not only expensive but can also affect your ranking in a big way. Instead of competing with peers you might end up competing with the various versions of your own site.

Displaying Too Much Content

Using a 20 JS library for a website menu, sure look amazing on the desktop, but might as well take all eternity to load on a mobile screen. Optimize your website in such a manner that the user does not have to wait too long to avail all the information required.  Remember you do not have more than 10 seconds to capture your visitor’s imagination. If you fail, your users would never come back.

Considering Only the Screen Size

While using any responsive web design services do not go by the screen size of the device. Every day something new is being launched and each new device as a different screen alignment, so it shall be wise to work on the design, instead of the device. One good approach is to start with the smallest device. Unless your product is relevant for the wearable device, start with mobile devices and gradually spread out. Continue this approach until you reach the maximum screen dimension of 2000 pixels.

Making Content Partially Available

In earlier days, it was commonly believed that a visitor only looked for the most searched after items while visiting the website from any small handheld device.  The mobile has now become a full-fledged replacement for any desktop computer. If you still believe in clinging on to old beliefs and thoughts, you might lose a large number of customers who are looking for a full web version of the website on their mobile.

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