Usability Testing Techniques That Can Actually Help

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As an owner of a certain company or provider of certain services. People spend a lot of resources on researching and developing a product and asking people about their expectation and requirements. A website is often viewed as a tool to market the product. Most people look for an affordable web design company to get the job done.  However, if the tool is faulty and does not provide the required results your investment in the product shall fail miserably since no one would know about it.

There are certain parameters on which the usability of a website can be tested. The first among them is efficiency which measures the time taken by a user to get a job done. The second one is called recall which analyzed the browsing experience and finally, there is the Emotional response which seeks to understand the user’s experience while being on the site.

In order to get a proper idea about the usability, it is important that you create a real-life like scenario and take a note of all the emotions and experiences which the users face while performing the usability study. Several different types of pros are usually used including paper prototypes, post-test questionnaires to collect information and feedback. Some popular methods used for measuring usability includes usability lab studies, participatory design, interviews, ethnographic field studies, ethnographic field studies, usability benchmarking, focus groups, moderated remote usability studies, concept testing, unmoderated remote panel studies, card sorting, a/b testing and many more other methods.

While performing the usability test, it is important to keep a note of things that don’t work so that they can be tested again and fixed or removed as per requirements.

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