Why Free Website Builders are a Bad Investment

Website Builders

While these easy to use free DIY builders are good for personal projects and wedding invitations, having a self-built website for your business is a bad investment. You might save a small amount on professional development services, but the end result is not very impressing. Some of the reasons why you should avoid free website builders for your business are:

Web designing is more than blocks and patterns:-

While the free builders say it is easy to make websites using drag and drop tools. Website designing requires more than just accessibility and a mouse. Your design needs to be seamless your message and elements. You might be creative or have flair about designing, but a professional website design company has people who know what looks best and what offers the visitors a good experience. After all, it’s your customers who need to like the website.

They all look the same:-

If you scroll through these free builders, you would realize that they use the same elements and features in most of their themes. At best, these elements like picture frames and text boxes shuffled across the page to give it a different look to stand out, you need to hire an experienced designer who can give your brand a unique look. This sentence hard to read and very long

Hosting shoots the budget:-

This is something these free website builders do not tell you up until you’ve spent hours designing a website which you think might be good for your business. You need to pay expensive hosting charges when you build a website on these portals. Unlike independent hosting plans, these websites do not offer free applications and email configuration either. Doesn’t sound like a good investment after all, right?

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