Things to Remember While Creating Your Company Logo

The three ellipses shown in the logo of Toyota symbolize three hearts-each of the customer, product and the progress in the latest technology. Logo designing is always knowingly or unknowingly around the business thought. On seeing a golden arch of McDonald’s, you know that it is somewhere here around. Logos bridge the gap of remembering the company name each time. In the sea of other food joints, you can locate McDonald’s easily due to its logo.

To let you know how you can do the same and create a memorable logo, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know the Intention Well

Before you think of creating or designing a logo, you should have clear concept about the company, the products and services it renders. A compatible logo design can come only when the concept is portrayed well to the customers.

Think Uniquely

People tend to forget the same things which they see every now and then. Think of a logo that will make you stand out among the same companies competing with your products. A chewed apple of the world famous company Apple has got no connection whatsoever with the fruit apple, but his customers remember the logo as the products representing the company Apple. This is what uniqueness is all about.

Visibility to the World

Your logo should be the symbol to reflect what the company is all about. Every business is different in some or the other way on what and why they offer, the products and the way it is handled. Great logo designers help great personalities of the company to come in limelight.

Logo Will Tell All-Whether Big or Small

Your logo is your companies mirror reflection. Logos create a brand image of the company. Whether the four circles of Audi is shown at the end of the page or in a big hoarding, it is easily identifiable. The size of the logo then really doesn’t matter once you have a well known and unique logo.


It is very essential for your company to choose the perfect shape, size, art work and colour for your logo. The green leaf for your tea estate company can look good on your company website or your letterhead, but it will be preposterous on a high built banner hung for the promotion of your company. Your clear concept should be to promote your company so that people remember your company with the branding logo on it.

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