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Email Marketing

According to many entrepreneurs, the rise of social media has been the sole reason for the decline in email marketing. This is, however, not true. Email marketing is still in the top chart to increase sales for your business.

Because of spam, email marketing has a bad name over the years. The fact is spam is everywhere, even on social media. However, people are aware and they respond to the right kind of emails. Smart entrepreneurs make use of email marketing to develop new business and turn customers into return customers.

Email marketing done in the right way is the best tool in your marketing arsenal. The frustration with email occurs when entrepreneurs use outdated techniques or rely on social media. Here are six tips that would help your email marketing efforts.

Offer Incentive or Deals:

According to a legendary entrepreneur, your free content should be better than most people’s paid content. It is worth your time to create a gift that makes people sign up for your email list, which is always welcome. When someone receives value from your free content, people are more likely to buy your premium content. You would see a dramatic increase in conversion rates.

Use Automated Campaigns:

One of the great things about email marketing is that you can run automated campaigns for 24/7. You can set up autoresponders with services like Aweber, Mailchimp, or Infusionsoft. These campaigns developed to bring new customers to your company products. Email automation save your time to work on your other marketing efforts.

Focus on Nitty Gritty:

People tend to overlook emails from entrepreneurs because they are missing some of the basics:

  • Strong headlines.
  • Being straight to the point.
  • Research about the best time to send emails.
  • Clear takeaways.

Some catchy tweaks here and there would increase your open rates. When you have an interesting audience, you create an opportunity to close the sale.

Send Exclusive Content:

At least once a month, send content only for your email list. Your subscribers would realize the value and stay subscribed. They would recommend your email list to other people if the exclusive content is good, and make it a point to open every email they receive from you.

Balance Careful:

Entrepreneurs create a ton of free content to build an email list and this free content establishes your authority. However, the problem occurs when you only offer free content and don’t sell. People take you for granted and hardly responds to your future paid contents.

Also, avoid the other end of the hedge. You risk your reputation as the sleazy marketer if you’re always a seller. A smart entrepreneur would figure out the right balance.

Grow Your List:

Whether you have 50 or 500,000 people on the email list, always grow your numbers to keep your email list healthy. Take full advantage of social sites and joint ventures to grow your email list.

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