The Hidden Basics of SEO And Web Marketing

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Search engine optimization is a favorite tool for people around the world who are looking to generate traffic. When we speak about Seo, people usually think from a sales point of view; however, the true purpose of SEO is to help you to find the stuff, which you are truly looking for, instead of simply creating keyword stuffed articles which have no relevance with the topic.

SEO is not any rocket science, however, if you are looking to get some great results from SEO, it is important to understand the underlying concept behind SEO in order to ensure that you can reap full benefit from it

Find The Right Keyword:

Finding the right keyword for SEO purposes ensures that half of your job is already done. The process no doubt is not easy; however, the efforts are worth it in every respect. When you search for keywords make sure the keywords have a high search volume along with low competition from your competitors. Low competition ensures that your ranking would improve significantly. Lastly, always use keywords which are relevant to your content to ensure your reputation does not suffer. While researching keywords don’t focus purely on getting a massive amount of traffic, instead focus on relevant traffic that can turn into your potential customers.

Write Engaging Content:

In an effort to create engaging website designs, developers often get so obsessed with graphic designs and page layouts that they forget about the importance of content.  From an SEO’s point of view, when a person types in a query, the Google bot searches your website to find out whether your content matches with the query. Apart from just the writing part, they are smart enough to interpret videos, pictures, and other multimedia content. It is therefore important that you pay attention to titles, keywords, quality of your content and their uniqueness. Write content keeping in mind your end audience and not just the search engine.


Links play a very important role in the domain of website marketing. It practically decides how high your page shall rank in the optimization ranking. Their importance lies in the fact that there are hundreds of way in which you can modify your content or graphic design and other elements, but it is practically impossible to convince other websites to link to your web address unless you have high-quality ranking and have consistently posted non spam material.

While building link always bear in mind that links with a content play a more effective role than links on the sidebar. Always try to get links from related sites and at any cost avoid irrelevant or spam links. Remember if you get caught you can be banned from the search engine results once and for all.

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