Video Marketing- The Future of Internet Marketing

Video Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, large numbers of internet marketers, bloggers and search engine optimization experts believe that content marketing is the future of digital marketing.

But they are overlooking the current trend. The days when content marketing was enough to lure potential customers and ensure a strong connection with the consumers. Today, with significant numbers of competitors using the digital space, it becomes crucial for marketers to think of innovative to make their brand information. Emerging is the trend of video marketing which has become the new favorites of all internet marketers.

Introduction of Auto Play Videos in Social Media Platforms

The importance of videos, Facebook and Twitter started the trend of introducing auto-play videos in their feeds. It became a hit as large numbers of customers watched the videos, thereby grasping the information. The importance of auto-play videos, now internet marketers are using it for brand promotion. In fact, now YouTube has also enhanced the video quality and improved the searchable features as well. Now, prominent search engine optimization companies and expert internet marketers are using the videos to create awareness about their clients’ brand among target customers and enhancing the client base.

Videos Dominating the Online Traffic

Think- what attracts you more online- plain text or a video? The answer for millions of people is the same- of course, the video. For this reason, it does not come as a surprise that videos are dominating the online traffic, with a significant 75 percent and more share predicted for the year 2017. Leveraging the benefits associated with videos, internet marketers are using videos along with content to lure potential customers.

Enhanced Appeal and Improved CTR

You can feel the power of a video. Add a video in your marketing email and include the word ‘video’ in the subject of the mail check out its impact. The click-through rate and the open rate will significantly increase and people will check out your company and offered products and services as well. Twitter has also disclosed that the Tweets which include videos or pictures are the ones that the retweeted.


If we look at the current trend, online videos claim approximately 60 to 70 percent of the online traffic and 50 percent of the mobile web traffic. Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Almost 50 percent of the internet viewers watch a few videos at least once a month. Thousands addicted to YouTube and watch several videos on a daily basis. If you research, you will discover that the figure was very low a few years ago.

To sum up, videos are definitely much more effective in internet marketing as compared to plain text or pictures. To connect with your target viewers, create unique brand videos and get the much-desired leverage over your competitors!

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